Altmark Horse-Drawn Caravans News


When you travel by horse-drawn caravan, you will experience a journey in touch with animals and nature at a relaxed tempo. Your horse-drawn caravan transports you at a cozy pace (5km/h) through the Altmark, giving you plenty of time and opportunity to appreciate the surroundings and chat with your passengers. Occasionally you’ll discover ‘buried treasures’ that one just doesn’t see from the perspective of a speeding car. You spend your entire day outside in the fresh air and your nights under the stars in a covered wagon.

Your vacation will be unforgettable!

The Idea!

The Altmark has everything you could want for your vacation: Tranquility and nature, culture and history, leisure activities for every age group and a traveling experience that you just don’t find everyday anymore. This was the catalyst for the idea of the “horse-drawn caravan journey”.

The horse-drawn caravans link the greatest variety of countryside holiday and leisure activities and the round-trip routes represent the linkage network. We want to see the Altmark earn more recognition as a vacation destination, and the “Altmark Horse-Drawn Caravan” project promotes and enriches rural tourism.

Altmark in September

A group of 7 grown-ups, 8 kids and 2 dogs experience an adventuresome weekend.