Altmark Horse-Drawn Caravans

Caravan Living

The horse-drawn caravan is your “domicile” during your journey through the Altmark, providing sufficient space for 4-5 persons.

Here you can comfortably eat, sleep, cook and just hang around. The table and benches in the rear of the wagon are converted into a large bed with space for 2-3 persons to sleep comfortably. In the front section opposite the kitchenette, there is a bench that folds out into a double bed. Storage space for bedding and clothes is located under the benches.

Shelves and clothes hooks are installed between the front and rear sections of the caravan, and additional storage space is also located on the underside of the wagon and below the rear caravan window.

The “built-in kitchen” features a gas stove and sink, a solar-powered cooler and enough space for pots, plates and of course supplies. Lighting is also provided, either in the form of mobile solar lamps or installed gaslights.

Pillows, bedding and dishwashing towels are provided with the wagon, as well as pots, dishes, cleaning utensils and gas. You provide your own food, but upon request we can supply you with baskets of regional delicacies.