Altmark Horse-Drawn Caravans

The Altmark

The Altmark is situated in the triangle formed by Hamburg - Hannover - Berlin in the northern part of Saxony-Anhalt. It is one of Germany’s oldest cultural landscapes and is regarded as the “Cradle of Prussia”.

The Altmark is spacious and expansive, giving it a thoroughly comprehensible layout and making it ideal for peaceful travel, either by horse-drawn caravan over country lanes and peaceful roads or on horseback through Germany’s largest mapped riding path network.

The landscape of the Altmark is characterized by the influence of the last Ice Age and today’s strong focus on agricultural use: Fields and meadows stretching to the horizon, interrupted by streams and gentle valleys, bordered by forest areas and hills.

Slow Travel

Here you have time to appreciate, observe and enjoy the surroundings. This provides the opportunity, usually unanticipated, for discovering nooks and crannies that can only be described as ‘hidden treasures’.

The “Romanesque Road” leads to a number of historical monuments from the Middle Ages. Today, traveling by horse-drawn caravan at a comfortable speed (5 km/h) over the old highways and byways, one can really get a feeling for the “tempo” of ages past.