Altmark Horse-Drawn Caravans Stations

Overnight in the Station

The stations where you and your horse can spend time and stay overnight are indicated on the maps that we provide.

To make sure your travels through the Altmark don’t turn into a “Lost Journey”, we have worked out round trips in which you always reach the next destination stage around every 15 km (for 15 km one needs approximately 3-5 hours).

These stations have been chosen carefully and are marked with our logo. As a standard they feature pasture, green fodder and water for your horse (concentrated feed is always on board the wagon) and sanitary facilities (shower, toilet, waste disposal) for you.

At some stations you can also rent a room, order a meal, rent riding horses and take riding lessons.

If you feel uncertain upon arrival or departure (with unharnessing, getting the horse, hitching up), don’t hesitate to ask your “host families” for help. They are all accustomed to dealing with horses and are happy to help you anytime.