Altmark Horse-Drawn Caravans Horses

The Cart Horse

The horses that we have selected for the horse-drawn caravans are particularly peaceful, reliable and safe animals.

They have been trained by local breeders and are accustomed to dealing with unfamiliar people. The horses also understand the normal road traffic conditions in the Altmark and are familiar with local appearances such as combine harvesters, transport trucks, emergency vehicles, motorcycles or bridges, all of which are part of their daily lives.

Prior experience with horses is not required.

Following a thorough practical training session (Principle: Demonstration followed by repetition and practice on your part), you are able to deal with the horse and wagon yourself and steer your carriage safely along the roads and paths of the Altmark.

The handbook, “Handling Horses”, is provided to help you along the way.

And if “self-drive” seems a bit too adventurous for you, then we can organize an experienced driver to take the reigns and steer the wagon.